About Industry-Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC)

   Industry-Institute Interaction Cell is established to strengthen the relationship between industry and institute. IIIC pave the path to design the curriculum, align with industry and career development program to make student industry ready. It acts as a nodal point to showcase the best practices, and advanced technologies in industry. In addition, IIIC provides an excellent platform for students as well as the faculty members to march forward in parallel with industry by knowing their expectations from the graduates.


  1. To bridge the gap between academia and industry to make student employable.
  2. To establish Centre of Excellence by industry to provide an opportunity to work in real time projects.
  3. To promote various collaborative activities by the faculty members and students with industry.
  4. To make awareness on industry trends & opportunities


  1. Promote the consultancy services by faculty to industry
  2. Collaborative research works by faculty and industry person
  3. Organizes industrial visit to students/faculty
  4. Arranges visit of industrial people to institute and delivering lectures on advancements in technology
  5. Signing of Memorandum of Understating between institute and industry/higher education institute to bring both parties strategically closer
  6. Organizing workshops, conferences and symposia jointly to explore advance technologies
  7. Involves experts from industry/research organization in curriculum development
  8. Pave path for internship/project work of UG and PG students in industry
  9. Organizes skill-oriented program for student and faculty in industry

IIIC Coordinators

Dr. B. Rambabu

Professor & HOD, Dept. of EIE
Coordinator - IIIC

Dr. L. Prabhu

Associate Professor, Dept. of ASE
Coordinator - IIIC

Industry-Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC) Committee

Roles of Committee Members:

  1. Organizing guest lecture / workshop / conference with industry to explore advance technology in industry
  2. Organizes industrial visit to students
  3. To identify the gap to be explored to make student industry ready
  4. Guide students to get internship in industry /MHRD institute
  5. Assist the faculty/students to work on live project in collaboration with industry
  6. Collection of data related to industry-institute interaction

Committee Members:

S. No. Name of the Member Department Role
Dr. B. Rambabu, Professor & Head EIE Coordinator
Dr. L. Prabhu, Assoc. Professor ASE Coordinator
Mr. P. Sudharsan Air Safety OfficerDGCA, Bangalore Industry Member
Mr. Nandha Gopal G. Asst. Manager, Difacto Training Academy, Bangalore Industry Member
Mr. S. Siva Rama Krishna, Asst. Professor AI&DS Member
Mr. S. Indrasena Reddy, Sr. Asst. Professor ASE Member
Mr. B. Rama Krishna, Sr. Asst. Professor CE Member
Mr. L. Venugopal, Asst. Professor CR&P Member
Mr. T.N.V.S. Praveen, Asst. Professor CSE Member
Mr. V.V. Rama Krishna, Assoc. Professor ECE Member
Mr. B. Pangedaiah, Sr. Asst. Professor EEE Member
Mr. B. Sandeep, Sr. Asst. Professor EIE Member
Dr. K. Anupriya, Associate Professor IT Member
Mr. P. Siva Reddy, Asst. Professor MBA Member
Mr. K. Viswanadh, Sr. Asst. Professor ME Member
Mr. Sadhik Shaik (19761A0556) CSE Student member
Mr. Shaik Bademiya (18761A0442) ECE Student member
Mr. Shaik Faraz Hussain (18761A03F7) ME Student member

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

S. No. MoU Signed by Name of the Industry / Corporate House / Institution with which MoU Signed Year of signing the MoU Duration MoU Details
LBRCE NIT Warangal 19/10/2022 3 Years Click Here
LBRCE Indo-Euro Synchronization Pvt. Ltd. 02/08/2022 5 Years Click Here
LBRCE APGENCO, Training Institute, Dr. NTTPS, Andhra Pradesh 13/06/2022 1 Year Click Here
LBRCE Efftronics Systems Pvt. Ltd 07/01/2022 1 Year Click Here
LBRCE University of Silicon Andhra,California,USA 30th, November, 2021 1 Year Click Here
LBRCE INDIA SERVERS PRIVATE LIMITED 01st, November, 2021 1 Year Click Here
LBRCE Indwell Automation 05-10-2021 01 Year Click Here
LBRCE Lakshman Kumar & Associates 22-09-2021 OPEN END Click Here
LBRCE Lineysha and Thevan Software Tech. Pvt. Ltd. 07-09-2021 02 Years Click Here
LBRCE Thaai Casting, Tamilnadu 24th, August-2021 1 Year Click Here
LBRCE METEY Engineering & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. 13-08-2021 02 Years Click Here
LBRCE Siemens Centre of Excellence Manufacturing, NIT Trichy 14th, July-2021 3 Years Click Here
LBRCE Edu Skills 17th, June-2020 3 years Click Here
LBRCE APGENCO Training Insitute 06-04-2021 01 Year Click Here
LBRCE CIPET 25-01-2021 02 Years Click Here
LBRCE Efftronics 28-12-2020 01 Year Click Here
LBRCE Wright Tecg Software Solutions 26-12-2020 04 Years Click Here
LBRCE Swecha Andhra Pradesh 21-08-2020 OPEN END Click Here
LBRCE NHAI 29-07-2020 05 Years Click Here
LBRCE Vijay Electricals 01-03-2020 02 Years Click Here
LBRCE G.S. Electricals, Vijayawada 1st March 2020 5 Years Click Here
LBRCE Sai Bharghava Electricals 01-02-2020 05 Years Click Here
LBRCE GIS Labs, Hyderabad 2nd, December-2019 2 years Click Here
LBRCE SRC e-solutions 6th, September-2019 3 Years Click Here
LBRCE CADCAM EXPERTS (Renewed on 13-08-2021) 16-08-2019 04 Years Click Here
LBRCE AIC-SKU Confederation, Sri Krsihnadevaraya University Campus 22-07-2019 03 Years Click Here
LBRCE Nifty Labs 16th July-2019 6 years Click Here
LBRCE The AP Small Industries Association 06-07-2019 04 Years Click Here
LBRCE GC German Centre for Engineering and Management Studies & European Centre for Mechatronics APS GmbH, Aachen, GERMANY 15th, Februry-2019 5 years Click Here
LBRCE Lorvens Package Industries, Vijayawada 4th, Februry-2019 5 years Click Here
LBRCE Right Computers 03-10-2018 05 Years Click Here
LBRCE Kondapalli Industries Association 03-07-2018 04 Years Click Here
LBRCE DP Smart Home Solutions Pvt..Ltd, Vijayawada 20th, June-2018 4 Years Click Here
LBRCE Dynatech Industries Private Limited, Hyderabad 15th, June-2018 4 Years Click Here
LBRCE Autodesk & Creatual CAD, Vijayawada, A.P 25th, April-2018 5 Years Click Here
LBRCE CM’s Excellence Centre Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC), Govt. of AP 2nd, April-2018 Open End Click Here
LBRCE Synergem Energy Training Centre, Vijaywada 14th, March-2018 5 Years Click Here
LBRCE RK Industries 01-02-2018 04 Years Click Here
LBRCE Future NDT, Vijayawada 8th, January-2018 5 Years Click Here
LBRCE Vijaya Spoorthi Foods Private Limited 11-07-2017 05 Years Click Here
LBRCE Industrial Area Local Authority 18-06-2017 06 Years Click Here
LBRCE Software Development Centre, South Central railway Women's Welfare Organisation 01-05-2017 05 Years Click Here
LBRCE Vasavya Mahila Mandali 22-03-2017 04 Years Click Here
LBRCE NI Sysytems (India) Pvt. Ltd. 21-09-2016 03 Years Click Here

Details of Internship

S. No. Department Total No. of Students
2020 - 21 2019 - 20 2018 - 19 2017 - 18 2016 - 17 2015 - 16
ASE 61 43 42 56 53 39
CE 65 62 65 64 70 69
CSE 131 125 129 141 138 143
EEE 122 138 134 125 138 139
ECE 198 208 212 216 211 210
EIE 56 48 39 68 70 52
IT 63 59 60 58 55 53
ME 177 177 172 114 136 117
MBA 96 104 112 100 105 --
MCA -- 44 56 -- -- --