About Kruthi - Fine Arts Club

A visual art considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic and intellectual purposes and judged for its beauty and meaningfulness, specifically, painting, sculpture, dancing, playing music, graphics and architecture. Indians have always been the aesthetic sort and art has been a way of life for all of us. Fine arts in the country were set to reach newer heights of achievement and accomplishment. Eye's are the windows to the soul, so it is said. Anything that captivates the eye or that comes across as a pleaisng sight is a source of positive energy for the soul and calms the mind. The various clubs dedicated to fine arts in the college do just that.

Increase high-quality opportunities for arts learning in both formal and informal like Dance, Music, Drama and Visual Arts are all mediums of expression of feelings of the inner self. They consist of gifted people who display their talents from time to time. LBRCE providing a great platform to the students, to bring out their hidden talents by establishing fine arts club.

In the Division of Fine Arts or Visual and Performing Arts we fulfil our mission through our regionally recognised programmes. To this end, we promote an innovative educaional community that balances expression, imaginative problem solving, aesthetic understanding, critical thinking and creativity within a college environment.

Vision & Mission Statement

  • The Vision of the LBRCE Fine Arts Club is to instil in our students and community a life-long passion for the performing and visual arts that results in personal and professional artistic pursuits beyond graduation.

  • The Mission of the LBRCE Fine Arts Club is to provide creative curriculum for every student enrolled in a fine arts club.

Objective of Fine Arts Club

  • The educational objectives of the Division are to encourage imagination, creative ability and artistic discrimination.
  • To develop the skills essential for professional competence.
  • To relate the various arts and help students find the means to enjoy them.
  • To incorporate studies in the College for social and cultural growth, inspiring students to make maximum contributions as creative artists and citizens.

Why to join this Club?

It is a universal phenomenon that in childhood every child dribbles his/her world through colourful pastels and watercolours. As the child matures into an adult, the practice and passion gradually fades away in the midst of gruelling academic stress and parental demands. the immense competition and thirst for success pushes back the once creative and fearless soul of that child. Art gives you a chance to find yourself according to your imagination and solitude. Art helps you understand yourself better by making you realise that you can also create something beautiful. Art indulges your senses into building a connection with your creative mind and Mother Nature. Art makes you feel good! with this spirit, the Fine Arts Club welcomes all the artists in a creative Journey.

Fine Arts Club promises to make the coming months more colourful and full of life. Regular monthly classes and demonstrations form reputed artists, discussions on artworks, a fine-art festival with loads of other fun events ensures you for a really exciting time in the campus. So, fear not all the artists, as you dust off your worries and let the creative being shine bright. Anyone and everyone are welcome in the club. Keep your spirits burning!

What we do!

The Fine Arts Club organizes art events in the campus like workshops, we conduct different competitions. For every month and exhibition of the works done by the members will be organized. The spectrum of fine art comprises with music, dance visual arts and art of thespians. Club members will get to volunteer in these events, organize, meet artists, scrutinize and suggest on participants' art work and even contribute with their creativity.


S.NoName of the FacultyDepartmentDesignation
1Dr.A.Adisesha ReddyMBACoordinator
4Mr.J.Eswar RamCEMember
5Mr.Ashutosh ShuklaAEMember
6Mr.Ch.Srinivasa RaoCSEMember
7Mrs.M.Ramya HarikaECEMember
10Mrs.Udaya LakshmiMEMember
11Mr.B.Kalyan KumarMBAMember
12Mr.Y.Kranthi KumarMCAMember