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Electronics & Communication Engineering

About the Department:

    The Department has various R&D groups, like Communication Systems & Signal Processing, VLSI and Embedded Systems, Cognitive science and MEMS. They attended and presented quality papers in international and National conferences and published good number of papers in various reputed international and National journals. In R&D, we got 4 DST projects worth Rs. 1 Crore 25 Lakhs and one AICTE sponsored workshop worth Rs.2 Lakhs . AICTE has sanctioned Rs.10 Lakhs for the modernization of DSP/ECAD/EC Simulation Lab under MODROBS scheme in the year 2010 and Rs.9.37 Lakhs for the modernization of ECAD Lab (VLSI/ Embedded Systems) in the Academic year 2018-19.
    It is mandatory to our faculty to attend Seminars / Workshops / Faculty Development Programs at least once in a semester. Our college has IEEE, ISTE and IETE student branches. The department is encouraging all the faculty and students towards professional body memberships and activities. Our students are performing well in academics and they are encouraged in R&D activities and publishing papers in journals. They are participating in symposiums and seminars in various colleges and universities. They won the prizes in these events.
    Students are performing well in competitive exams like GATE, GRE, and TOEFL. Some of the students are pursuing PG Programmes in prestigious Institutions like Universities, NIT’S, IIT’S.A good number of students are selected for the jobs in the campus interviews conducted by different multinational companies.