Lakireddy Bali Reddy College of Engineering

Research & Development Cell

About R&D Cell:

   LBRCE Research and Development cell aspires to build a knowledge and innovation with a state-of-art technology through research centers with an access to research facilities and labs. LBRCE strives to promote research and innovation through intellectuals of our faculty and students to meet the industry standards with the collaborations and linkages. Mainly focusing on project-based learning, sponsored research, quality publications and patents to enhance research outcome for providing solutions to societal problems.


   Excellence in research and innovation with a state-of-art technology to enhance critical thinking among learners for getting better society.


To enable excellence in research and innovation by
  1. Providing good infrastructure and training that promotes creativity and innovation.
  2. Facilitating collaborations among researchers and industry to develop culture of research through ethical compliance.
  3. Ensuring technology development and transfer for societal needs.

Functions of the R&D Cell:

  1. Dissemination of information about project calls from Govt. of India funding agencies from time to time to all the departments and to motivate faculties to carry out high quality research along with preparation of project proposals.
  2. The review of development of research capacities in the institution and monitoring the achievements of Research & Development
  3. Monitoring the performance of individuals, groups, and Faculties to encourage excellence and productivity through maintaining a database of research and development activities.
  4. The protection and commercialization of the Institute’s intellectual property along with assistance in filing patents.
  5. Implementation of incentive schemes for promoting research activities among teachers.
  6. The development of infrastructure is conducive for promoting the quality and quantity of research and development.
  7. Disbursement of Institute Research Funds to established researchers, both individually and in groups.
  8. Monitor the application of Research Funds received from Govt. of India & In-house to ensure that the funds are properly and formally accounted for.
  9. To foster the development of multidisciplinary research endeavours across Faculties and departments.
  10. Exploring the possibilities towards consultancy activities related to R&D.
  11. Arranging expert talks on emerging technologies by inviting eminent scientists from reputed organizations and institutions.