National MEMS Design Centre (NMDC)

About NMDC

Origin of NMDC:

   A National MEMS Design Centre (NMDC) at our institute has been established in the year 2011 under National Program on Micro and Smart Systems (NPMASS) for the benefit of users from the nearby isolated region. LBRCE motivates the research activity in the field of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) by proper utilization of the facilities provided by NPMASS from design to fabrication of prototype MEMS products and specific field applications. LBRCE will also facilitate external researchers, faculty and graduate/post graduate students from other interested institutes (academic or National Labs subject to individual software licensing conditions) to use the provided design tools. This MEMS network centre is a centralized laboratory for creating new modules of MEMS based devices.

Inauguration Details:

   National MEMS Design Centre (NMDC) at our institute has been inaugurated on 22-02-2011 in the Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering by the Hon’ble Chairman, Er. Lakireddy Bali Reddy Garu & Prof. S. Mohan (Centre for Excellence – Nano Electronics), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore as the guest of Honor.
   NMDC was established with the support and collaboration of Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore under NPMASS Program (National Program on Micro and Smart Systems), and Govt. of India.


   The National Program on Micro and Smart Systems (NPMASS) has been launched after the success of National Program on Smart Materials (NPSM), which is a unique program, working towards the basic aim of creating awareness in India about MEMS and Smart Systems. The NPMASS under Government of India is wholly supported by Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO) through Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), and is endorsed by the five departments DRDO, Department of Space (DOS), Department of Science and Technology (DST), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and Department of Information Technology (DIT).

Lab Facilities

Instruments Available:

Name of the Instrument Purpose of the Instrument Quantity Cost of each in Rs.

Agilent Precision LCR Meter

Ultimate tool for R&D and used for manufacturing test of components, semiconducting  materials (L, C, R measurements) in the frequency range 20Hz-2MHz).



UV-VIS 3092 absorption spectrophotometer

It measures the Absorption, reflection& transmittance for both solids and liquids



Horizontal High Temp. furnace (1400oC)

Glass/Ceramic Preparation by melt quenching technique.



Vertical High Temperature  Furnace (1400oC)

Glass/Ceramic Preparation by melt quenching technique.



MR19-1 Specular Reflection  Accessory

It is an easy-to-use specular reflectance accessory for the infrared spectroscopic analysis of solid samples.



Technico Incubator,

Store SBF



Annealing furnace (1000oC)

Glass/Ceramic Preparation by melt quenching technique.



Software Tools Available:

   Initially, Indian Institute Science (IISc), Bangalore has funded this design centre by providing design software tools viz., COMSOL Multiphysics, Coventorware, IntelliSuite and MEMS+. (All the software tools together worth of around Rs. 50 Lakhs). The necessary infrastructure for the NMDC has been provided by the College Management. Every year, software tools will be renewed with the financial support of College Management.

Software Version No. of Research Licenses No. of Class Kit Licenses Renewal Cost in Rs.

COMSOL MultiPhysics









Off Maintenance License





Off Maintenance License





Off Maintenance License

Computational Facilities Available:

System Description Quantity

HP-Compaq Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz , 4GB RAM, 64-bit

28 Nos.

Lenovo, Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4150 CPU @ 3.50GHz , 4GB RAM, 64-bit

02 Nos.


30 Nos.

Sponsored Research

Research Projects:

Academic Year Title of the Project Principal Investigator Funding Agency & Scheme Month and Year of Sanction Duration Total Amount Sanctioned
(In Lakhs)
2022-23 Development and Characterization of Miniaturized Piezoresistive Cantilever for Biosensors Dr. Busi Rambabu & Dr. T. Satyanarayana (Mentor) SERB & EEQ 03/2023 03 Years 27,96,332/- Ongoing
2014-15 Investigation on Zn, Sr, and Mg ions doped Highly Bioactive Phosphate Glass Ceramics Dr. T. Satyanarayana Fast Track Young Scientist & SERB 03/2015 03 Years 15 Completed
2014-15 Influence of Crystallization on Luminescence Efficiencies of Tm3+ doped Phosphate Glass Fibre Dr. T. Satyanarayana MRP & UGC 09/2014 02 Years 04 Completed
2012-13 A study on distorted structure of nano molecules by lie algebraic methods: applications to fullerene C80 and its compounds Dr. K. Srinivasa Rao MRP & UGC 2012 03 Years 11.38 Completed
2011-12 Lie algebraic approach to investigate the spectroscopic studies on distorted structure of Nano-bio molecules Dr. K. Srinivasa Rao Young Scientist & DST 2011 03 Years 3.84 Completed
2011-12 Design fabrication and characterization of capacitive MEMS accelerometer Ms. S. Durga Sailaja Woman Scientist & DST 2011 03 Years 25.85 Completed
2011-12 Some Surface Studies on MEMS PZT Accelerometer Using Surface Profilometer Mrs. N. Aruna Woman Scientist & DST 2011 03 Years 22.05 Completed

Other Grants:

Academic Year Name of the Coordinator Title of the Program Duration Agency & Scheme Amount Sanctioned
(In Lakhs)
2015-16 Dr. T. Satyanarayana “Two Day National Workshop On "Advanced Nanoelectronics In Engineering & Technology(ANET-2015)" 25 & 26 September, 2015 SERB & Workshop 0.75
2014-15 Dr. K. Srinivasa Rao National Level Conference On “Recent Trends On MEMS , VLSI , EMBEDDED SYESTEMS. It gave the Knowledge On Designing In MEMS & Embedded Systems “ 27 & 28 February, 2015 DST & Conference 1.0
2014 - 15 Dr. K. Srinivasa Rao & Dr. T. Satyanarayana Two Day National Workshop On “Recent Trends In MEMS Foe Biomedical And Weather Monitoring Application" 18 - 19 October, 2014 DST & Workshop 1.0

Events Organized

Summary of Events

S. No. Academic Year No. of Events Conducted
1 2020-21 01
2 2018-19 01
3 2017-18 02
4 2016-17 01
5 2015-16 02
6 2014-15 03

Events Organized in A.Y.: 2020-21

S. No. Date of the Event Title of the Event Resource Person Report
1 19th April - 1st May 2021 Two Weeks Hands-on “Fundamentals Aspects of MEMS for Sensor Applications” Dr. T. Satyanarayana Click Here

Events Organized in A.Y.: 2018-19

S. No. Date of the Event Title of the Event Resource Person Report
1 20th - 25th August, 2018 Five day certification programme on "MEMS Modelling using ANSYS" Mr.Visumendra Takur & Mr.G.Ganesh Chakravarthi, ARK Infosolutions Private Ltd. Click Here

Events Organized in A.Y.: 2017-18

S. No. Date of the Event Title of the Event Resource Person Report
1 23rd August, 2017 Guest Lecture on “MEMS-The Enablers of smart systems” Prof.V.Siva Ramakrishna Click Here
2 6th September 2017 Guest Lecture on "MEMS, Machining & Manufacturing" Prof. Pradeep Dixit, IIT Bombay Click Here

Events Organized in A.Y.: 2016-17

S. No. Date of the Event Title of the Event Resource Person Report
1 30th - 31st December, 2016 Two day workshop on “Smart Instrumentation System with Solar Power and Advanced Signal Processing Techniques” Sri.B.Prasad, Asst.Prof, IIIT Nuzvid & Dr.Shaik Rafi Ahmad, Asst.Prof., IIT Guwahati Click Here

Events Organized in A.Y.: 2015-16

S. No. Date of the Event Title of the Event Resource Person Report
1 25th - 26th September, 2015 SERB-DST Sponsored “Two Day National Workshop on Advanced Nanoelectronics in Engineering & Technology” Dr.Nithin Kale, IIT Bombay, Dr.Rama Komaragi, Assoc Prof, NIT Calicut, Sri A.V.V Satyanarayana, Scientist ‘C’ DRDO Click Here
2 07th April 2016 Workshop on “COMSOL Multiphysics 5.2 And Application Builder” Roopak Mayya Click Here

Events Organized in A.Y.: 2014-15

S. No. Date of the Event Title of the Event Resource Person Report
1 11th Oct 2014 FDP on “Role of Instrumentation In fabrication of NANO materials for Aerospace, Defense & Solar Energy Applications” Dr.V.N.Mani Scientist E, C-MET, Hyderabad Click Here
2 18th - 19th Oct 2014 A DST Sponsored “Two day National Workshop On recent trends in MEMS for Biomedical and Weather Monitoring Application” V.S.S. SARATH KUMAR, Sr. Control & Automation Engineer, Occidental Petroleum Corp. Oman Click Here
3 27-28th Feb 2015 DST Sponsored National Level Conference on “Recent Trends on MEMS, VLSI, EMBEDDED SYSTEMs” Prof.J.Nagaraju, IISc Bangalore & Dr Prem Pal, IIT Hyderabad & Dr G Ramgopal, IIT Bombay Click Here

Faculty Activities

Academic Year Paper Publications Papers Presented in Conferences / Book Chapters / Patents Details
2022-23 03 02 (Conferences) + 01 (Patent) + 02 (Book Chapters) Click Here
2021-22 07 04 Click Here
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2017-18 03 03 Click Here
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Student Activities

Academic Year Paper Publications Main Projects PAL / PBL / Mini Projects Term Paper Papers @ Conference Details
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Dr. T. Satyanarayana

Professor, Dept. of ECE
Coordinator, National MEMS Design Centre (NMDC),
Contact Number: +91 93464 29163

E-Mail: [email protected]

Lab Incharge: M. Ramya Harika, Sr. Asst. Professor, Dept. of ECE
Lab Co-Incharge: B. P. Madhusudhan, Asst. Professor, Dept. of ECE
Lab Technician: Mr. D. Naresh, Dept. of ECE