Green Energy Technology Centre (GETC)

About GETC

   Green Energy Technology centre lab is established to foster inter- disciplinary collaboration research among various branches in order to create innovative sustainable technological solutions. This lab gives platform for both UG and PG students to do mini projects and main projects. The students are actively involved in realization of the objectives of the centre under a scheme of in-house projects funded by the institute.

Inauguration Details:

   On 5th of October 2010, GETC was inaugurated by Dr.M.Ramamoorty, Former Director General of CPRI, Former Director General of ERDA, Baroda, chief of research of Hindustan Brown Boveri (HBB) and now a consultant to reputed industrial organizations.


  1. Improvement in Energy efficiency to reduce Energy consumption and cost.
  2. Minimize the energy consumption by use of energy efficient equipment. and maximize use of day light and natural ventilation.


Equipment Available:

S. No. Name of the Equipment
1 Solar power pack 500 watts
2 LED internal Lamps
3 Electric Mobility Experiment Kit
4 Solar Hydrogen Education Kit
5 Solar Power Lab NVis6005A
6 Hybrid Solar & Wind energy Trainer 061530 to 061531
7 Solar Technology Trainer
8 FPGA based Boost Converter with MPPT implementation

Total Investment Cost:

Total Investment Cost: Rs. 10,37,367/-

Research Activities

Academic Year Publications Details
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2019 - 20 18 Click Here

Student Activities

Academic Year Main Projects Mini Projects Details
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Energy Policy and Audit

Energy Policy:

Functions of the Committee:

  1. To create awareness among the stakeholders about the electrical energy conservation measures
  2. To monitor the electrical energy consumption and needs of the institute
  3. To Involve B.Tech and M.Tech students in conducting national level awareness programs on energy conservation and audits
  4. To conduct the annual energy audits.

Committee Members:

S. No. Academic Year Faculty Coordinators Student Coordinators
1 2019 - 20 Dr.P.Sobharani 15761A0229 – K.Anand
Dr.J.Sivavara Prasad 16761A0279 – K.Rajesh
2 2018 - 19 Dr.M.S.Giridhar 16761A0210 – B.Bhargav Sai
Dr. P.Sobha Rani 17761A0285 – M.Tejasri
Dr.J.Sivavara Prasad
3 2017 - 18 Dr.J.Sivavara Prasad 17761A0252 – S.Chaitanya Avinash
Dr.M.S.Giridhar 18761A0202 – A. Sai Jayakrishna
Dr.P.Sobharani 18761A0254 – B.Naga Manisha

Energy Audit Reports & Certificates:

Academic Year Audit Report Certificate
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Dr. P. Sobha Rani

Professor, Dept. of EEE
Incharge, GETC Lab,
Contact Number: +91 99591 08386

E-Mail: [email protected]

Lab Co-Incharge: Mrs. T. Naga Durga, Asst. Professor, Dept. of EEE
Lab Technician: Mr. Md. Rasool, Dept. of EEE