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Measures for prevention of ragging:-

In accordance with the directives issued by the AICTE, LBRCE has initiated the following measures for prevention of ragging in the institution:

  1. All Senior students are counselled by the Principal, Heads of the departments and senior faculty members.
  2. Programmes are arranged where local police officers address the students and make them aware of Ragging and its repercussions.
  3. Anti- Ragging squad members are monitor and support all First-year students in the First year.
  4. Anti- Ragging Squad members monitor during break times, visits periodically to all hostels, campus even after academic hour for first semester for preventing Ragging.
  5. Quick actions are taken in cases reported by the parents or First year students.
  6. Fresher day is conducted with in a month of First year class work
  7. All the above measures are intended to testify the steadfast commitment of the LBRCE towards making it a ragging-free campus...

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