PEO 4: To focus on the holistic development of Computer Professionals and impart them with effective communication skills, teamwork , leadership skills, multidisciplinary approach and ability to relate computer applications to broader social context.


POs are the milestones that elucidate what the students are expected to know and the skills they are expected to acquire on the completion of the program.
At the end of the programme the students are able to:

    PO 1: Apply knowledge of mathematics, computer science and management in practice.
    PO 2: Identify, critically analyze, formulate and develop computer applications.
    PO 3: Select modern computing tools and techniques and use them with dexterity.
    PO 4: Design a computing system to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as safety, security and applicability.
    PO 5: Function professionally with ethical responsibility as an individual as well as in multidisciplinary teams with positive attitude.