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National Instruments LabView

Importance of the centre of excellence and LabVIEW Academy:

Role of experiential education, Hands-on learning, Engineers who are strong in fundamental concepts and basic of engineering applications, Integrating theory and lab, Importance of research in engineering.


 COE Facilities.

Benefit to Students:

Industry relevant problems, Project work in-house, Visualization of difficult to teach, abstract engineering concepts, International and national competitions, Multidisciplinary engineering domains.

Benefit to Faculty:

Training and certification, Faculty development programs, Algorithm engineering, Funded research for prototyping, Workshops by domain experts, PhD assistance, tie-up with other global universities, AICTE and DST joint proposals.

what industry normally does in academics:

1. Syllabus
2. Internship
3. Campus Recruitment
4. Industry Visit
5. Sabbatical

what National Instruments does additionally:

1. Pdd
2. Student and Faculty Mentorship
3. Nice
4. Design contests Vimantra and niyantra
5. Sstudent lab manuals developed by students for students

National Instruments other initiatives:

1. Student clubs
2. Credit courses
3. faculty development program
4. Textbook engagement
5. Domain expert lectures
6. Centre of Excellence, COE
7. In-house training and certification(lva)

Lab Mentor :
Dr. T. Satyanarayana, Professor.

Lab Incharge :
Mr. B.V.N.R. Siva Kumar, Assoc. Professor.

Lab Co-Incharge :
Mr. V. V. Rama Krishna, Assoc. Professor

Lab Technician :
Mr. D. Naresh, Lab Technician