Faculty Developement Program on Role of Instrumentation in Fabrication of Nanomaterials for Aero Space, Defense & Solar Energy Applications Organised by Dept.of EIE on 11 OCT 2014.

The fabrication of MEMS evolved from the process technology in semiconductor device fabrication, i.e. the basic techniques are deposition of material layers, patterning by photolithography and etching to produce the required shapes. The materials such as Silicons,Polymers,Metals,Ceramics are used for the fabrication of Mems based Devices.

By focusing on Role of Instrumentation in   fabrication of these Nanomaterials Dr.V.N.Mani, Scientist E, C-MET Hyderabad has inculcate the Knowledge of nanomaterials, Fabrication process of nanomaterials and the role of Instrumentation in that Fabrication Process.

Dept. Of EIE  has organised the Faculty Developement program on 11-OCT-2014 for the faculty of home dept. as well as the other departments  which are having the relative knowledge on MEMS Technology.