Guest Lecture on Evolution of Spectrum of Switchgear

India is well on its way to becoming a global supplier of goods and services. An efficient power supply system is the key ingredient for a countrys economic growth and quality of life. Dependable substation performance is a key factor for grid reliability. In this connection, a Guest Lecture on Evolution of Spectrum of Switchgear is organized by the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Lakireddy BaliReddy College of Engineering, Mylavaram. Resource person, Sri.Ch.Sri Prakash, Superintendent Engineer/Training Institute/NTTPS, Ibrahimpatnam delivered the lecture on application, installation, electrical maintenance and testing issues related to Low Voltage to Extra-High Voltage Electric Circuit Breakers, Switchgear and Electrical Power Transformers. Basic Circuit Breaker operation, types and construction, electrical safety, and common maintenance techniques are major components of this course. It provided the participants with a solid understanding of theory and standards & issues concerning the proper application, installation and maintenance of these types of equipment with a strong emphasis on safety. Eminent academician and world renowned Power Engineer, who is also the Visiting Professor in the EEE Department of LBRCE, Dr.Mylavarapu Ramamoorty, Students and faculty members of EEE department are the participants of the gathering. HOD, Dr.M.UmaVani welcomed the participants and faculty member, Sri.N.V.Subba Rao proposed vote of thanks. Director, Dr.E.V.Prasad congratulated the department for organising such a useful program in the college.