Inauguration Photos:

“Robotics holds the key to societal transformations, especially in making life more livable for specially challenged people”, opined Dr. M. Ramamurthy, eminent professor in Electrical Engineering. He along with Sri LAKIREDDY BALI REDDY, inaugurated the Center for Robotics Studies in the EEE department at LBRCE, Mylavaram. HoD Dr. M. Uma Vani in her welcome speech stated “This robotics studies center is designed to foster inter disciplinary collaborations research among various branches in order to create and innovative and sustainable technological solutions, capable of addressing many societal and environmental issues”. “Providing latest technology for enhancement of the student community has always been and will be the top priority” opined college director Dr. E.V.Prasad. He congratulated Mr. Y. Murali Krishna Faculty Incharge of the lab and senior students Mr. K. Veda Narayana and Mr. D. Sai Maruthi Ram, for their tireless efforts in conceiving and installing the center. Among others, Sri.M.Sainath Murhty, Deans and HoDs of all departments graced the occasion.

“Every innovation should be centred addressing the societal problems, it is the duty of the institute to find an answer for societal problems through technology” added renowned philanthropist Er. LAKIREDDY BALI REDDY, Chairman, LBRCE. “Certificate programmes on Robotics are also being planned” opined Principal Dr.N.R.M.Reddy and he congratulated K. Veda Narayana and D. Sai Maruthi Ram for their sincere and tireless efforts for over a year in establishing the CRS.

The CRS intended to form an amalgamation of various disciplines into one platform aims at creating awareness, providing practical experience and promote innovative ideas. Currently the research center is accommodating research platforms like Raspberry Pi and Firebird-V. CRS is currently working on projects like Quad copters for disaster management, Hexapod for rescue operations. It has also plans for developing projects to aid the physically challenged. “Apart from innovations CRS trains student and Robotics which are useful for competitions going on around the country” stated Mr. Y. Murali Krishna Faculty in charge of CRS.

“Robotics simplifies the industrial processing and is embedded into every part of human life. Hence it is necessary for students to learn Robotics irrespective of their discipline” added Mr. K.Veda Narayana, Student Instructor of CRS.
“Embedded Systems and Linux are cutting edge technologies that are capable of answering real world problems” shared Mr. D.Sai Maruthi Ram, Student Instructor of CRS