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Dr. E. V. Prasad

B Category   Admissions 2014-15
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Vision & Mission

To empower the students to become technologically vibrant, innovative and emotionally matured and to train them to face the challenges of the quality conscious globalized world economy.

  • To provide an environment most conducive to learning and to create a stimulating intellectual
        atmosphere on the campus.To achieve Academic Excellence.To ensure a holistic development of personality.To spread education to rural areas.
  • To establish partnership between Institution & Industry.

    • To continually change, improve, and ensure the effectiveness of the University's programs in preparing students for successful careers.
    • To engage and maintain a competent, qualified faculty that possesses current technical and professional knowledge and experience, engages in on going professional development, and has the ability to effectively transfer this knowledge to students.
    • To improve students' written and verbal competencies as well as analytical and technical skills prior to graduation.
    • To provide an environment very conducive to learning and create a stimulating intellectual atmosphere in the campus that enable students to develop professional/employability specific skills and become industry ready.
    • To engage and maintain a staff that cares and provides support for students to meet their educational goals and objectives.
    • To attract qualified and meritorious students of diverse backgrounds.
    • To provide a collegiate academic atmosphere that encourages exchange of ideas freely and physical education to improve fitness , sportsmanship , group working and leadership.
    • To engage graduate faculty in research that serves to improve teaching and learning process.
    • To offer comprehensive programs to fully meet the educational and training needs of citizens and industry
    • To engage in programs and activities that provide community service aligned with the university’s mission.
    • To maintain viable fiscal position through financial management, revenue generation and optimum utilization of resources & assets.


    Sri. L. Bali Reddy
    Founder & Chairman


    Flash Flash:
    LBRCE has been selected to receive the World Quality Commitment (WQC) International Star Award under “Gold category” by World Quality Commitment in the 28th International WQC Convention, PARIS, on Oct 24-25, 2014 directed by BID.

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